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Changing the landscapes of emotions

March 27, 2014

A friend of mine died last week. He was 33, newly married to one outstanding intellectual that knows what she wants, and in her own words, disregards everything else. It’s not that she doesn’t care, it’s just how she is. I used to hang out with both of them a great deal back in high school and college. Maroon bloods, we were called. We used to share a fond affinity for all things nice and fun and back then, days were spent lounging in pools, eating out and partying, in between the school work that we had to do. And we were good at what we do, half of us were advanced Math students and half of us were advanced English students. And during that time wherein the world was still free of excessive narcissistic self promotion via social media, we knew we mattered.

After college, we kinda grew apart, with the different fields that we found ourselves in. Months morphed into years and milestones, like weddings are the only times we get to be reunited. I found out that my guy friend was one of those gaming guys who made online games and is being paid handsomely for it. Come to think of it, I don’t know if he made the games or tested the games or did whatever with the games. All I know is that he’s good at what he does and he became a senior manager for playing computer games. Knowing how he’s wired? This is his dream job. Or was.

My lady friend, in the meantime, is one of those PR lady bosses who smokes up a cloud of wit and breathes fiery words to newbie copywriters. She’s well read, well travelled and certainly knows her stuff. Although they seem to be very different, they are perfect for each other.

They had a sweet wedding ceremony with all the works last 11-12-13 and those who attended (I was stuck with a client meeting) cooed and blurbed about how awesome the wedding turned out to be. It was their brand of loving that made it all the more unique.

And then he died.

Pretty much like the wifey, I don’t handle emotions all too well, having gone through hell and back with my own brand of MMK. So this, thing, death, moving on, ascending, passing, whatever this is. I don’t want to accept just yet. Not that my opinion matters, but Universe, I’m talking to you. I see what you did there!

This whole sordid affair is laying waste to how I handle my emotions. But I’m not the main character here. Im just on the sidelines witnessing how once bright futures of two my very good friends fizzled out. Just like that.

Sadness doesn’t even begin to cover what we’re feeling.


rats asses and conversation lifeboats

September 1, 2010
    I always derive a certain sense of purpose after talking business with friends. Not the type of business as in the ‘I want your money’ kind but the rapid flow of entrepreneurial thoughts, hand clapping highs and eureka moments (or as I’d like to put it: alflikesthis moments)

    Being the busy entrepreneurs that we were, my friends and I  just spent a maximum of 2 hours together; talking life and business and everything else in between. I was with Beestro Café owner Marc and Bookstore owner Jing. A lot of obvious topics needed to be covered but situations change and amidst promises of future meet ups, the  business tete a tete broke up as soon as it started.

    Before this night-cap, I was with two other people who were close to heart but our shared experiences differ somewhat. While one already finished graduate studies, the other one was doing his thesis while I, as you very well know, am still on my honeymoon stage. I am liking graduate studies to the letter. And again, to punish the pun: ‘alflikes graduate school.’ The shared experiences we had for this set included a quick commute to Westbrook for the fugly case of the missing house keys. Please don’t ask me to retell the story. Fugly nga e. ugh. To quote kuya kim: ‘lamang ang may good memory’

    Before this wild goose chase for the missing keys, I was doing a lifemapping  and person building session with DPC slash cuz who happened to be my classmate at a PE class. It is at this point that I would like to outline a set of conversational rules that we discussed and that I would like followed.

    Oo, ako na ang tga establish ng conversational rules. Hahaha. This is, after all MY BLOG. Lest you forget.

    Thesis Statement: I don’t care about other people’s love-dovey relationships. I cringe at the thought of discussing love life in public. I don’t want other people discussing MY love life or any semblance of it. I have a healthy respect for people who are able to do this. But it aint for me.

    I have a couple of disclaimers though:

  1. I have, in the past, actually did discuss love live’s (this doesn’t sound right) of other people. I would like to maintain that the reason for this was:
  2. I felt the need to do so, because the ones involved are probably  good friends. Or they were dying for an ear to listen. And I didn’t want people dying on me.
  3. I pretended, because the needy love-lifey person talker needed some help. And if you have been paying attention, I always like to help.
  4. Let it be known that I like problem solving in terms of helping the person to move on. But PLEASE spare me of the mushy details of your relationship. I don’t think its right for you, or actually, for anyone to share what should  be between only the two of you who are directly involved.
  6. Well for starters, ITS NONE OF YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS. I DON’T GIVE A FRIGGIN RATS ASS ABOUT HOW YOU ARE A TOO MUCH OF A COUPLE. Ooops. Sorry to be extremely crude. Who I date and what we do is MY business. Not yours. Kapische?
  7. If you were under some sort of impression that I am dying for an update about your mushy love life? I  AM NOT. If I led you to believe that I am interested, I humbly apologize. I DON’T CARE, ACTUALLY. Hehehe. I have a lot of things on my head. And as much as you would like to claim that it includes your thing: NO, I have better things to think about.
  8. You wanting to share about your mushy love life DOES NOT give you the right TO ASK ABOUT MINE. QUIT BUGGING ME!
  9. For those of you wanting to chitchat and throw your opinions about other people’s relationships: go ahead, good for you. If it makes you happy, go on ahead. But please don’t talk to me about it. And don’t make me or my future girlfriend/wife a topic. Again, I don’t LIKE talking about this. Its taboo for me. Learn to accept this truth. I don’t ask for much.
  10. I do however, appreciate the value of these ‘mushy stuff’ in the light of social interactions. It is becoming very socially acceptable to discuss and pry into other people’s business for lack of something to talk about. Although it shouldn’t be, and I  disagree with it, I’d like to call these topics as ‘safe conversation lifeboats’ or that which you talk about when you don’t have anything else on the table.
  11. On couple pairings:  I might join the tirade for a minute or two but that’s it. I LOSE INTEREST. And ALL OF YOU PEOPLE SHOULD, TOO! What is up with all of these kakiligan, mushyhan, sumbungan, chismisan?! SURELY there are a lot more other things to talk about? So lest, you didn’t get my point: I recognize that talking about this would grease social interactions, BUT I DON’T WANT TO BE PART OF IT!
  12. Here’s some food for thought: why not talk about business? Or marketing? Or poverty alleviation? Or leadership and governance and how we can improve our country? Fine, these are topics for old people. FINE,  I AM old. ITS ABOUT TIME YOU SHOULD TOO. Grow up.! Let’s talk about things beyond our own little bubbles and begin to see how the world needs OUR help as capable citizens of this earth. There’s a BIGGER WORLD OUT THERE and I suggest that you move beyond your kakiligan and ka mushyhan and START thinking about others who need your time and capabilities and talents.
  13. How does that saying go?

    “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. ….

    Step up people. Step up or don’t talk at all.

LIFETREKKER: Beating The Odds:Another stone for the edifice?

June 21, 2010

I don’t know if I got the title right but what I know for sure is that Ma & I had to suppress a laugh at this unbelievable attempt of ‘pagbubuhat ng bangko,’

I am talking about PGMA’s latest book out, a 380++ page treatise of her ‘many’ accomplishments,all told in excruciating detail.On the set of Anthony Taberna’s Punto per Punto segment at ABSCBN’s UKG is one of the book editors & on the phone was opposition congressman Teddy Casino(?)

This coffeetable book would undoubtedly discuss the accomplishments she’s made in the past 9years;new infrastructures or improvements therein:the SLEX,NLEX,airports etc & the faster processing of pertinent documents:drivers licenses,passports,birth certificates & the automated elections.Im sure you’ve seen the commercials,which has aired amok, sa totoo lang.=p

I think it’s just sad that Arroyo had to spend some more of her ill-gotten wealth just to try & convince the general populace of her good deeds in trying to cover up her misdeeds,which would be The Understatement of the century. Hello,Garci? Hello,ZTE-NBN? Hello,Political Killings? For those in Manila,I’m sure you’ve seen multiple footbridges holding up the very sorry-looking tarps: ‘Salamat Pangulong Arroyo para sa footbridge na ito’ Whatda?! Hahaha.I laugh.I mock.

Dear Arroyo,

Legacies & memoirs should be written for you not by your band of merry thieves,er,men,but by Historians long after you’ve gone.Why do this now?What are you up to?

According to the editor who sat down with Taberna,they only have 500copies of this ‘limited edition’ release.500 people out of the 7107 island inhabitants MAY get a chance to read this mockery.I hope to be one of them.Hey,I got loads of time,and I could use a good laugh.Sa Totoo lang.


mike is mad

March 26, 2010

I was on my way to DENR yesterday for a meeting with some of the other agencies tasked to save the planet. Upon boarding the car, I found out with much regret that our trusty driver had tuned in to “Saksi Sa Dobol B’ a ridiculously loud Radio Talk show featuring, you guessed it, Mike Enriquez.

I have long disliked this person for his, how should i put it? Lame ass way of speaking? What is up with that Mister Mike? Ugh. Anyway, yesterday he went on this barrage about what had happened two days ago. First, the PUP students burning their armchairs and the UP students splashing paint on the face on one of the members of the Board of Regents. He was going on and ranting about how the students just go on strike and how pointless the whole exercise is and how the students should just go back to the classrooms and study. Clearly he doesn’t understand what the students are fighting for. But what really ticked me off was when he said: ‘Ang kakapal ng mga mukha nyong mga taga UP kayo, kami nagpapa aral sa inyo, ang sweldo namin lumiliit, nakakaltasan nga kami na wala kaming magawa para mapag aral lang kayo tapos wala kayong gagawin kundi magwelga at magsunog ng upuan, PAARAL KO KAYO, kaya nga kayo ISKOLAR nga Bayan!’ He went on and asked his co-anchor and said: ‘Nakadaan ka na ba sa may UP? Nakita mo na ba na napakadami nang kotseng nakapark dun? Yan ba? Yan ba ang pinapaaral natin na mga Iskolar ng Bayan?’



Get your facts straight and your tongue straightened out!! Una, PUP ung nagsunog ng Chairs, hindi UP!!  Duh! Ayusin mo ang pag aannounce mo!

Second, these students are fighting for the rest of the populace na nawawalan na ng boses! May mga kaklase ako sa UP nung college pa ako na pansit canton lang ang nakakain ng isang buong linggo gawa ng kahirapan. The imposition of new fees, like lab. fees and graduation fees as well as the issue about the non inclusion of the student regent in the Board of Regents meeting are the issues that they are fighting for. Do you even get that? Palibhasa, lasalista ka kasi, di mo alam kung ano pinaglalaban ng mga mahihirap na taga UP!

I condone the actions of these students because they reached a point where nobody listens to them anyway and in dire straights, they resorted to mob democracy, however uncouth it may seem to you green blooded upper crusts.

Fine, a portion of your GMA sweldo probably goes to funding the state university, that is IF hindi pa yun nakukurakot. You, of all people, ay SAKSI sa mga katiwalian dito sa gobyerno. The students got the attention that they are looking for because of what they did.  But whats next? Instead of shooting them down with your radio show, why don’t you try and find out for yourself what the reasons are for their rallying and picketing?

PINAG AARAL KO DIN SILA! NAGBABAYAD DIN AKO NG TAX! Susmaryosep. Kung makita mo lang kung san inaabot ang pera na pinagmamalaki mo na binibigay mo. BULOK ANG MGA KWARTO at BUILDINGS SA UP! Pumapasok ako dati nakapayong kasi tumutulo ang kisame ng rooms.

Yan ba ang pinagmamalaki mong pinapaaral mo? Ang mas aksaya, IKAW NA LASALISTA! I worked with you guys for a year, I have been to almost ALL of the campuses ng De La Salle. And I know the kinds of students you have. So dont start saying na nagugulat ka na madami ng may kotse sa UP Diliman, MAS MATAAS ang binabayad nila keysa sa iba, ang tawag dun STFAP! Iba iba kami ng bracket na binabayaran!


jeje hood

March 26, 2010

I abhor Jeje’s, in general. And since I searched far and wide and realized there’s no actual data available to properly categorize Jeje’s , lets go ahead and do this together, shall we? Call me snobby and snooty. I know I am not. I just say things that people around me are thinking but are not able to express. So I am doing all of you a favor by coming up with this ultimate guide to JejeHood. Katuwaan lang.
Are you ready?

I should say that I don’t normally regard these individuals with any sort of time and attention. It just so happened that a few nights ago, there seems to a Jeje Convention and a plethora of these troglodytes crawled out of their holes, dressed themselves Jejily and settled in what I would now refer to as Jeje Avenue. Sangkaterba Ampf. Like, nagkalat. Like, punong puno. Like, nag uumapaw.

Here’s what happened, my org and I just finished our culminating activity wherein we welcome new members to our humble little society. Traditionally, we would go to the only bar of choice when you are in LB. Yep. IC’S. its where all UPLB students converge. Everybody there knows everybody there. Generations upon generations of beer drinking, laid back, LB folk go there to get their weekly, sometimes daily dose of alcohol. E kaso puno. Normal day. We wont have enough seats and since there were twenty of us, we had to check out other places of interest. And so we went to a bigger place, which for propriety, we will just call Jeje Avenue, because honestly that’s what it looked like when we entered. The place was crawling with all sorts of jeje’s big and small.

But what exactly are jeje’s?
Well, if you must know, these are actually the jologs of the years past. From Riles dwellers to Balot Vendors to gulay sellers.
No, no, no I am not insulting the poor. I am poor! But I am not hikahos and I don’t have colored hair and I speak properly so I am not a jeje! But we will get to that later. Alarmingly though, there have been undocumented reports of rich jeje’s. That’s okay. Let’s call them, well, rich jeje’s.
We can now safely say that economic status does not define jejehood. I guess we would have an easier discussion if we just go ahead and describe these individuals.

The most popular and pervasive Jeje that we encounter are the dark skinned, blond haired, trucker cap wearing individuals with skinny jeans and marijuana hankies. Yes. Dark skin is usually a prerequisite. Putangina naman kasi. Bakit ka ba nagkukulay ng buhok?! Totoy, HINDI KA MAGMUMUKHANG AMERIKANO. Hindi KA MUKHANG SOSYAL. At dahil alam nating lahat na hindi ka cast ng Muro Ami, isa ka lamang BATANG MAITIM na NALIGO ng Hydrogen Peroxide. Hindi tama ang ginagawa mo sa buhay mo.

Fine, so wala kang pangkulay ng buhok. Congratulations ang sasabihin ko sayo at hindi sorry. Sorry kasi nabawasan ka ng isang level of jejehood. Pero ang caps? The trucker caps?? C’mon! WHAT IS UP with the caps na nakapatong sa ulo?! Yan ba e palatandaan na malaki na ulo mo (as in mayabang, proud to be jeje ka) or malaki na ulo as in nkagel ka o hairspray (80’s?!) O yan ba e luggage compartment? Lalagyan ng cellphone at wallet kc ang sisikip ng pants nyo di na kasya? May isa pa akong tanong, nka hairclip ba ung cap nyo sa ulo nyo? Paste? Kanin? Di natatanggal e, AMAZING.

By the way, kung rapper ka pala, im sorry, sige, mag suot ka na nag ganyan. In my book, there are only two ways to wear a baseball cap, straight up, with the beak front and center or pabaligtad, with the beak nasa likod ng ulo, perpendicular to the shoulders. Any other angle is wrong, unless you’re a rapper.

Marijuana Hankies. Meron ako nito. Lagi kasi ako may sipon. At since malaki ito keysa normal na panyo e masarap ito singahan pag walang tissue. Ang hindi ko maintindihan, BAKIT ginagawa mo itong SCARF?! Pashmina ba ang effect mo?? O kung wala naman sa malibag mong leeg e naka balot sa ulo mo. Cancer patient?? Tapos lalagyan mo ng Cap na nkatabingi?? PUTANGINA. 5O CENT? IzDACHU? Ay hindi pala, kakulay mo lang.

Nkkaeenit ng uloh puh noh? zummr p nmn. Haiizz—>> may nagtext.^*(^*^$(*&^)^$%&!!

!! Ngaar!!

Ibat iba ang suot ng jeje at dahil sumasakit ang mata ko pag nakakita ko ng mga ito, e hindi ko nalng iddiscuss. Masyado na siguro mahaba ito.

Btw, LOL is an acronym for laughing out loud. Ang acronym hindi ginagawang plural or kung pipilitin, sige LSOL dpat! Hindi LOLS at lalong lalo nang hindi LOLZ AT KUNG ISA KANG CERTIFIED KANG JEJE KANG HAYUP KA E ganto ang usage mo: LOLZ KA TALGA!! What the friggin F???!!

For proper jeje identification, here are links for your perusal
And if you ever need translation kasi di mo na talaga maintindihan yang mga text nila, heto:

halfway around the world e may jeje din, our spanish friends found themselves in the same dire straights. check this out:

And since I realized na hindi pala ito ultimate guide e lets just make this some sort of a discussion, here are some questions for us to consider:

1. Sa tingin mo, bakit nagkalat ang mga Jeje ngayon?
2. May true to life Jeje encounter ka na ba? Ikaw ba ay isang Jeje survivor?
3. Eto dramatic: Bakit sila ganun?
4. May mensahe ka ba o suhestyon para sa kanila?

Why we hate fat ugly lesbians

March 26, 2010

Fat lesbians are the worst. They think they got it all figured out. They insult, harass and make condescending remarks like its second nature. Come to think of it, all the people we know who fall in this category are not necessarily lesbians but are probably on their way to becoming one. They are fat, boyfriendless ugly ladies who spite and make innuendoes to cover up for their insecurities that are bigger than their measly little pathetic lives. To all the  loser Dykes, in behalf of all the beer drinking guys, here’s a food for thought (shove it up your fat assess) LEAVE the insulting to em hot chicks that are sexy and sophisticated. When we drink, we don’t talk about you, we don’t obsess about you or make lewd remarks about you  because honestly, THERE’S NO MATERIAL!! We are sorry that you don’t have  boyfriends. This is because of these walls that you are so desperately trying hard to put up. Repeat after me: You are not fooling anyone with your act! Don’t insult guys because we don’t like you. We are programmed to like sexy lesbians. Sexy Lesbians are HOT. THEY ARE. I could show you videos. You, however, are not! No, sorry.  It would take A LOT of beer and intoxication BEFORE we consider you in our, wait for it, wait for it, Liquid dreams.

Now if by some odd circumstance you found yourselves recipients of millions of dollars worth of plastic surgery Gift Certificates AND you get to get it on with someone as hot as, say, Sora Aoi, THEN fine, go ahead, insult our beer bellies because by then, you would have gotten our attention (I could elucidate how but this is my PG blog) BUT UNTIL THEN? Keep your ugly ass opinions to, well, your ugly assess.

say what you need to say

March 1, 2010

I’ve always been wordy. Yes, it’s a coined term. Deal with it.

I firmly believe that there are situations when there is a call for wordiness and that some concepts are better expressed through paragraphs. I am all for being concise but not at the expense of the message I am trying to deliver.

Speaking of messages being delivered, I want to deliver one, straight to the face of this weirdo. I want to pack a straight fist wallop on his ‘pretending to stare into space’ look.

You are not fooling anyone buddy. You are a friggin’ loser with no life. And you staring? It’s not working for me. I’m holding on to my temper because I happen to like what I am doing but if I catch you one more time staring I am going to introduce you to one hell of a knuckle sandwich. You got that? Stupid pretensive faggot.

Say what you need to say. Don’t. Fuckin. Stare.

Here I am. Wordy. Concise and freaked out.

DEAL with it

name dropping

February 22, 2010

Hear ye, hear ye: let it be known that I now ACTIVELY have a thing AGAINST name droppers.

Just so we are on the same page, I googled the term and Wikipedia defines it for us:

Name dropping is the practice of mentioning important people or institutions within a conversation,[1] story,[2] song, online identity,[3] or other communication. The term often connotes an attempt to impress others; it is usually regarded negatively,[1] and under certain circumstances may constitute a breach of professional ethics.[4] When used as part of a logical argument it can be an example of the appeal to authority fallacy.[5]

Name dropping is used to position oneself within a social hierarchy. It is often used to create a sense of superiority by raising one’s status. By implying (or directly asserting) a connection to people of high status, the name-dropper hopes to raise his or her own social status to a level closer to that of those whose names he or she has dropped, and thus elevate himself or herself above, or into, present company.

Pasted from <>

Disclaimer: I don’t fancy myself as someone high and mighty, like the most of you lot; I eat messily, burp, fart and give the occasional half truth. I, however, possess a certain set of social skills that I am also known for. And one that is enjoyed by my close friends and peers. As luck would have it, it seems that someone is enjoying it all too well.

To render the proper emotion: NAG NA-NAME DROP ANG PUTA.

I’ve been hearing disturbing reports about this certain individual who has been making a name for himself because of his fiery tongue and issues with authority. I couldn’t say that I am a complete stranger to this occurrence seeing that I too have had the unfortunate incident of experiencing this first hand. It’s affecting his social relationships, work and studies and I heard he has had different people talking to him about it. He is a pariah

That’s okay. I mean if he wants to be known like this superficial, dragon tongued social climber, then its fine by me. I tried straightening him up before but to no avail, it’s his business. I reckon I made a name for myself; he’s making a name for himself. Up two days ago, I don’t share the general sentiment about him (superficial, dragon tongued, social climber) but he calls people names and unfortunately he is getting his share of name calling.

I stumbled upon the problem when 2 unrelated individuals casually mentioned some things that happened to me a long time ago.  These are stuff that I shared with this problematic individual at a time of sheer joy. Yeah it was personal. And no, it’s not something you mention to a huge group of people that you are not close to. Yeah I was naïve, what the hell, how was I to know that he’s going to turn into something awful?

Ayun pala. This guy is getting away with a lot of things because he drops my name every time he gets. He shares nuances and other personal stuff giving the impression that I consult with him things great and small. And because his well placed references on my person hits home to the arguments of those above him, they consider, reconsider and give another chance, over and over again.


You can drop my name anytime to my network and friends and groupies but make certain that I am endorsing you. You are doing a fine job of making a fool of yourself because of your PUTANGINANG work ethic and then you have the nerve to impress upon people that I approve of you and that I approve of your work?! WHAT THE FUCK?!

I am giving you a heads up to change your ways but as soon as I get the opportune time, I AM GOING TO DROP YOU and IT IS GOING TO HURT.

I have been quoted and misquoted all my life but I take it all in stride. This, experience, however, takes the cake.

Drop it like its Hot

August 9, 2009

There are times when we are powerless to rem0ve ungodly influences,so we must remove ourselves fr0m the temptation.There are people who would lie to you in your face,lead you to believe half-truths and lead you on a false sense of security,all for m0ney or greed.

Paul urges us to avoid every kind of evil(1Thess.5:22)

At the end of the day,i cant help but feel sorry for people who trick,lie and mistreat others for a quick buck.
I guess when m0ney talks,people do change.

Lord,allow me to remain steadfast in kn0wing my identity and fullness that can only be f0und in You.Amen