Active disengagement

August 27, 2014

Three hundred billion dollars is the conservative cost given to lost productivity in the US due to actively disengaged employees. Conservative because the assumption is that each disengaged employee simply sat on his or her station and didn’t wreak havoc elsewhere- an unlikely assumption because most disengaged employees do plenty of things each day that brings each other down with their own sinking ship. This is a direct quotation from ‘How full is your bucket?’ Written by Tom Rath and Donald Clifton.

I have a lot of thoughts on this but I’ll publish this first. Let me know your thoughts


Taking care of business

May 12, 2014

I’ve been on hyper mode for about 5 days now. Just because I’ve taken to watching Suits, the syndicated TV series, from USA Network. And since I’m on my #34yearsofmeaning journey and my diatribe against all forms of my personal status quo (which will hence be referred to as PSQ), I guess Suits season 3 (yes i know I’m late) couldn’t have arrived at a much better time.

So lets have a quick rundown of the PSQ which I have come to realize, re-realize and take stock of, over and over again. (Pishtosh, I have a creative language award/ poetic license you turd)

1. I’m contented with what’s happening.
Sounds legit right? Because it is. But, frankly, the thought scares me. The thought that I am contented with WHAT IS, scares me because this time last year, I was on a bit of a high. Too much of a high actually that I changed my cover photo into one that shows a guy jumping off a cliff. Yes, that’s exactly how I felt and yes that’s how I roll, updating my facebook cover is the shiz.

2. Why be scared, to start with?
Difficulty typing a response to a rhetorical question is not the shiz. Im scared because I don’t have enough shiz to do the shiz when shiz happens. Did you see what I just did there? Which leads me my third point.

3. I want to be able to walk the talk and absorb all things NASDAQ, S&P5000 and DOW. While I try to conjecture with myself (and successfully convincing said self that I’m Harvey Specter sans the PSQ) I want to be MikeRoss at this whole point number 3 which is set to be staged immediately after #34yearsofmeaning and #searchforALtruism which is smack against each other.

4. Not necessarily against each other, as evidenced by Bo Sanchez’s best selling book which forewords: ‘Is not possible to have the wealth of a millionaire and the heart of a monk?’ YES, he says and ‘it’s going to be difficult’ because NOTHING OF GREAT ACHIEVEMENT COMES EASY.

Special thanks to #spotify for the kickass music and for the title of this post.

Changing the landscapes of emotions

March 27, 2014

A friend of mine died last week. He was 33, newly married to one outstanding intellectual that knows what she wants, and in her own words, disregards everything else. It’s not that she doesn’t care, it’s just how she is. I used to hang out with both of them a great deal back in high school and college. Maroon bloods, we were called. We used to share a fond affinity for all things nice and fun and back then, days were spent lounging in pools, eating out and partying, in between the school work that we had to do. And we were good at what we do, half of us were advanced Math students and half of us were advanced English students. And during that time wherein the world was still free of excessive narcissistic self promotion via social media, we knew we mattered.

After college, we kinda grew apart, with the different fields that we found ourselves in. Months morphed into years and milestones, like weddings are the only times we get to be reunited. I found out that my guy friend was one of those gaming guys who made online games and is being paid handsomely for it. Come to think of it, I don’t know if he made the games or tested the games or did whatever with the games. All I know is that he’s good at what he does and he became a senior manager for playing computer games. Knowing how he’s wired? This is his dream job. Or was.

My lady friend, in the meantime, is one of those PR lady bosses who smokes up a cloud of wit and breathes fiery words to newbie copywriters. She’s well read, well travelled and certainly knows her stuff. Although they seem to be very different, they are perfect for each other.

They had a sweet wedding ceremony with all the works last 11-12-13 and those who attended (I was stuck with a client meeting) cooed and blurbed about how awesome the wedding turned out to be. It was their brand of loving that made it all the more unique.

And then he died.

Pretty much like the wifey, I don’t handle emotions all too well, having gone through hell and back with my own brand of MMK. So this, thing, death, moving on, ascending, passing, whatever this is. I don’t want to accept just yet. Not that my opinion matters, but Universe, I’m talking to you. I see what you did there!

This whole sordid affair is laying waste to how I handle my emotions. But I’m not the main character here. Im just on the sidelines witnessing how once bright futures of two my very good friends fizzled out. Just like that.

Sadness doesn’t even begin to cover what we’re feeling.

It’s there.

March 24, 2014

It’s there. In the back of your head. On your shoulder. Behind your eyes. Lurking in the corner of the room.
The voice that keeps you up at night.
The song hat you haven’t yet sung.
The story you have yet to tell.
The idea that refuses to die.

And it whispers: never,never stop.

Few hear it. Even fewer chase it.

What’s your white rabbit?

Slide transitions

June 22, 2012

1)A mayfly shares my light. I call it like so because they usually come out in May of every year. But it’s June now and they are still here. Perhaps, like me, they stick around. Looking at the light, hoping to make sense of the darkness that envelopes us.

2)Code more. That’s what the top of my key pad says. It says b then I then link then quote then del then ul then ol then Li then code then more. I am using the WordPress app on my pad. And while I have a faint idea as to what these buttons do I just don’t want to think about it now. Try saying that: ‘I don’t want to think about it now’
I see a lot of potential in that statement. A lot of power. To be able to say that regularly means you have achieved some sort of authority or knack or clout to be able to pull it off. But right now, it’s just for you and me. And in this tiny space we are sharing which we call ‘now’

3)What’s good about transitions is that it conditions your mind to expect something new while simultaneously closing the slide just past. And it’s an effective tool both to break your reverie and connect the slides to each other. Don’t you sometimes wish that we have those fun transitions?
Life is serious enough as it is. I think we all deserve a break. A transition. Something that would slide smoothly.

4) I don’t feel too good about myself now.

I don’t want to explain it.
It’s just the way I’m feeling.

rats asses and conversation lifeboats

September 1, 2010
    I always derive a certain sense of purpose after talking business with friends. Not the type of business as in the ‘I want your money’ kind but the rapid flow of entrepreneurial thoughts, hand clapping highs and eureka moments (or as I’d like to put it: alflikesthis moments)

    Being the busy entrepreneurs that we were, my friends and I  just spent a maximum of 2 hours together; talking life and business and everything else in between. I was with Beestro Café owner Marc and Bookstore owner Jing. A lot of obvious topics needed to be covered but situations change and amidst promises of future meet ups, the  business tete a tete broke up as soon as it started.

    Before this night-cap, I was with two other people who were close to heart but our shared experiences differ somewhat. While one already finished graduate studies, the other one was doing his thesis while I, as you very well know, am still on my honeymoon stage. I am liking graduate studies to the letter. And again, to punish the pun: ‘alflikes graduate school.’ The shared experiences we had for this set included a quick commute to Westbrook for the fugly case of the missing house keys. Please don’t ask me to retell the story. Fugly nga e. ugh. To quote kuya kim: ‘lamang ang may good memory’

    Before this wild goose chase for the missing keys, I was doing a lifemapping  and person building session with DPC slash cuz who happened to be my classmate at a PE class. It is at this point that I would like to outline a set of conversational rules that we discussed and that I would like followed.

    Oo, ako na ang tga establish ng conversational rules. Hahaha. This is, after all MY BLOG. Lest you forget.

    Thesis Statement: I don’t care about other people’s love-dovey relationships. I cringe at the thought of discussing love life in public. I don’t want other people discussing MY love life or any semblance of it. I have a healthy respect for people who are able to do this. But it aint for me.

    I have a couple of disclaimers though:

  1. I have, in the past, actually did discuss love live’s (this doesn’t sound right) of other people. I would like to maintain that the reason for this was:
  2. I felt the need to do so, because the ones involved are probably  good friends. Or they were dying for an ear to listen. And I didn’t want people dying on me.
  3. I pretended, because the needy love-lifey person talker needed some help. And if you have been paying attention, I always like to help.
  4. Let it be known that I like problem solving in terms of helping the person to move on. But PLEASE spare me of the mushy details of your relationship. I don’t think its right for you, or actually, for anyone to share what should  be between only the two of you who are directly involved.
  6. Well for starters, ITS NONE OF YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS. I DON’T GIVE A FRIGGIN RATS ASS ABOUT HOW YOU ARE A TOO MUCH OF A COUPLE. Ooops. Sorry to be extremely crude. Who I date and what we do is MY business. Not yours. Kapische?
  7. If you were under some sort of impression that I am dying for an update about your mushy love life? I  AM NOT. If I led you to believe that I am interested, I humbly apologize. I DON’T CARE, ACTUALLY. Hehehe. I have a lot of things on my head. And as much as you would like to claim that it includes your thing: NO, I have better things to think about.
  8. You wanting to share about your mushy love life DOES NOT give you the right TO ASK ABOUT MINE. QUIT BUGGING ME!
  9. For those of you wanting to chitchat and throw your opinions about other people’s relationships: go ahead, good for you. If it makes you happy, go on ahead. But please don’t talk to me about it. And don’t make me or my future girlfriend/wife a topic. Again, I don’t LIKE talking about this. Its taboo for me. Learn to accept this truth. I don’t ask for much.
  10. I do however, appreciate the value of these ‘mushy stuff’ in the light of social interactions. It is becoming very socially acceptable to discuss and pry into other people’s business for lack of something to talk about. Although it shouldn’t be, and I  disagree with it, I’d like to call these topics as ‘safe conversation lifeboats’ or that which you talk about when you don’t have anything else on the table.
  11. On couple pairings:  I might join the tirade for a minute or two but that’s it. I LOSE INTEREST. And ALL OF YOU PEOPLE SHOULD, TOO! What is up with all of these kakiligan, mushyhan, sumbungan, chismisan?! SURELY there are a lot more other things to talk about? So lest, you didn’t get my point: I recognize that talking about this would grease social interactions, BUT I DON’T WANT TO BE PART OF IT!
  12. Here’s some food for thought: why not talk about business? Or marketing? Or poverty alleviation? Or leadership and governance and how we can improve our country? Fine, these are topics for old people. FINE,  I AM old. ITS ABOUT TIME YOU SHOULD TOO. Grow up.! Let’s talk about things beyond our own little bubbles and begin to see how the world needs OUR help as capable citizens of this earth. There’s a BIGGER WORLD OUT THERE and I suggest that you move beyond your kakiligan and ka mushyhan and START thinking about others who need your time and capabilities and talents.
  13. How does that saying go?

    “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. ….

    Step up people. Step up or don’t talk at all.


June 24, 2010

The boxes proved larger than I initially thought. And with good reason, I have always made my life public and with that, people talk, comment and yes, box. (Adj.)
The reason why it’s ok for me to live like an open book is because I have been through a whole lot of fugly and if other people can learn from my mistakes and hasten their own personal improvements based on my experiences, then I would be happy. Because I would have been able to help them. No, I don’t seek accolades, I seek to inspire. More and more people are growing sad because of convoluted feelings of self-worth. You are not worthless and you will never be.

I would have wanted someone to say this to me last week but since nobody did, I had to say it to myself. Pathetic? Probably, but I am very comfortable with myself because I have learned the hard way that I shouldn’t seek for too much affirmation and approval, from anyone. If it comes, I say thank you. If it doesn’t, well, life goes on.
And that’s precisely what I would have wanted last week, for people to move on in my life, or better, move on with their lives and leave me be. You see, what happened was, one of my old professors was making a big deal about my grades back in college and how this would affect my performance in graduate school. I was shocked, hurt, harassed and furious. I’ve always been put in boxes because of this waterloo. Strangers, not even in my circles, get updated of this waterloo because I guess it’s so fun to talk about. I even received confirmation that a whole department is talking about me semester in and semester out, making it a point to update their students of who I was. Jeez. I just hope they’re using a flattering picture in their power point. LOL. Alf is fun to talk about. Boxes beget boxes.

After four days of being all hot and bothered, I gave it up and reflected on the experience.

Boxes, preconceived notions, impressions and judgments’ derail people from seeing the true value of one another. Our judgments’ of others block our view and promotes division and rejection. When we begin to see the value of each others worth, focusing on what they CAN do and not what they CAN’T DO, we also open ourselves to the possibility that this person that we are so quick to judge may help us in some way. In the case of this old professor, I still can’t understand what drove her to say the things she did, or what it was that she hoped to achieve. But what I do understand is there are times that I too am very guilty of boxing other people in. To address this, I have a conscious system of dealing with people so I can free myself from the devastating effects of judging them. I call it my plus-minus system.

It works this way. One of the things I try to practice is to keep my mouth shut whenever I am on the verge of saying something awful. Remember the old adage? ‘If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all?’ Believe me that is very hard. I am in the business of people relations and marketing so conversations account for a lot of my waking hours. And there would always be people who are more opinionated than I am. And there would always be people who are just plain disagreeable.

Minus points are awarded to people who are disagreeable. These are the types who make it a point to argue even over the most senseless topics. Do I hate them? No. Are they reaping negative points? Yes. To free myself from negativities (I try to be as positive as I can), I shy away from these types of people. I don’t want to judge them so ill just lessen my interaction with them. One of the hardest things to do is to affirm a negative person but if you are able to do it, you would see changes in them. It’s better to give out affirmation than to demand it.

Minus points are also given to people who don’t see my worth. While I don’t claim to know everything and while I know I am poor at some things, I also know that I am good at some things. We all are uniquely gifted! And while I don’t wear a placard saying I’m good at these things, people who know me, know. So it’s very puzzling to me when someone approaches me for help but doesn’t listen to what I have to say. It’s like being in a monologue. Their monologue. Where information is unidirectional. Do I put them in boxes? No. I think they have not realized my worth yet. And if they hadn’t well, that’s not my problem.

Plus points on the other hand are easily given out. These I give to people who make me laugh, smile and feel good about myself. A huge bag of points is given to people who make OTHER people happy because of a good deed, a kind remark or even a silly joke. I radiate towards positive, happy, fun-loving people who can catch my attention. I’ve talked a lot about this already, I get bored easily and it’s difficult to catch my attention BUT if it’s something I’m really interested in or something YOU made me interested in, well, that’s more PLUS POINTS for you.

Pluses and Minuses free me from tagging people permanently as lost cases. This I do because there are a lot of people who, through our long and bumpy relationship as friends, chose to never give up on me. I owe these people a lot. It’s just paying it forward. My plus and minus system keeps it real, it’s like saying: I don’t really like you now but its okay. I’m sure we will be able to regain what was lost in the future. Furthermore, I also believe that every one of us has this sort of system in us, a system of social interaction constructs based on differing human relations. It’s just that I put a brand name to it. Yes, you may refer to it as ‘Alfred’s Plus and Minus System’ LOL

I have written a lot about expectations and how we should lessen or increase it based on the level of relationships that we have. The problem is there are no hard and fast rules that govern expectations in all forms and types of relationships. It’s up to the involved parties to figure it out for themselves. Believe you me, I would want to give you a quick guide on this but it won’t be accurate. Relationships are uniquely designed to the people involved.

Remember the idiom, ‘Jack of all trades master of none?’ I believe that. I believe that no one is self-sustaining and I believe that no one is that good to know all facets of a business or all there is to know about life in all its glory. It just doesn’t work that way. True, they can profess to know but do they really? Hmm. I guess this is my cue to shy away and keep my mouth shut. =)

There are some things that I can’t do and there are some things that I’m good at. Having a healthy respect for each other’s unique genius opens doors to deeper, more meaningful relationships. I’ll end this reflection with a story I read from the online Didache sent to me earlier today by Bo Sanchez’s web team:

unique genius

“What, then, will this child be?” – Luke 1: 66

A teacher once told Michael’s mother that he’d never be able to focus on anything in his life because of his difficulty in focusing on the lessons in the classroom.

As a boy, he was diagnosed with ADHD. He’d often stand up and can’t stay quiet. It was very hard for him to concentrate. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Michael Fred Phelps won eight gold medals in various swimming events — the most gold reaped by anyone in a single Olympics. That’s aside from the various awards and records he still holds.
Often, we hold biases and beliefs about how a child would grow up based on what they are now and what they do.
We tend to box a child (or other people for that matter) with what we see or of our impression of what they do. We relegate them to the sidelines. The cruelest thing we do is give up on them.
God made us great with our own unique genius. We should treat others and ourselves as such. Jun Asis (


LIFETREKKER: Beating The Odds:Another stone for the edifice?

June 21, 2010

I don’t know if I got the title right but what I know for sure is that Ma & I had to suppress a laugh at this unbelievable attempt of ‘pagbubuhat ng bangko,’

I am talking about PGMA’s latest book out, a 380++ page treatise of her ‘many’ accomplishments,all told in excruciating detail.On the set of Anthony Taberna’s Punto per Punto segment at ABSCBN’s UKG is one of the book editors & on the phone was opposition congressman Teddy Casino(?)

This coffeetable book would undoubtedly discuss the accomplishments she’s made in the past 9years;new infrastructures or improvements therein:the SLEX,NLEX,airports etc & the faster processing of pertinent documents:drivers licenses,passports,birth certificates & the automated elections.Im sure you’ve seen the commercials,which has aired amok, sa totoo lang.=p

I think it’s just sad that Arroyo had to spend some more of her ill-gotten wealth just to try & convince the general populace of her good deeds in trying to cover up her misdeeds,which would be The Understatement of the century. Hello,Garci? Hello,ZTE-NBN? Hello,Political Killings? For those in Manila,I’m sure you’ve seen multiple footbridges holding up the very sorry-looking tarps: ‘Salamat Pangulong Arroyo para sa footbridge na ito’ Whatda?! Hahaha.I laugh.I mock.

Dear Arroyo,

Legacies & memoirs should be written for you not by your band of merry thieves,er,men,but by Historians long after you’ve gone.Why do this now?What are you up to?

According to the editor who sat down with Taberna,they only have 500copies of this ‘limited edition’ release.500 people out of the 7107 island inhabitants MAY get a chance to read this mockery.I hope to be one of them.Hey,I got loads of time,and I could use a good laugh.Sa Totoo lang.


cerebrus interruptus

June 21, 2010

Admit it.admit it. I break your trail of thought =)

Hi network. I’m back.
Yeah,I admit, I might’ve started one of my past microblogs using the same phraseology.thats allowed to repeat myself =)

I was inspired by one of the many things i read online earlier today,the blog was written by a friend of mine and the point of his treatise was finding someone who could be with him when he’s lonely.Not that way you perv,but more of having someone to talk with.Yep,he’s intent on finding a GF. For our purpose,and to be totally crude about it,lets refer to it as ‘finding a mate’

But im not goin to talk about that,what i wanted to talk to you about is how You as an individual can do stuff so you wont have to feel too down when you dont have a ‘relevant other’

Thinkin about it, i don’t have any tips on hand to address those kinds of thoughts either. What i am confident of is i Will be able to churn out stuff for you and I to think about after a long days worth of work or study or play or whatever it is you do.

I,alfred labadan,your marketingman friend,do solemnly promise to interrupt your thoughts,and to go all Disney about it: ‘in the most delightful way’=)

How’s that eh?
For the students,it’s now june,time for you to start workin on gettin that degree again, i for one am excited because i too am starting classes next week.

For the working stiffs,businessmen and parents,hello. It’s another day for you and me to earn and inspire and make good with what we have achieved thus far.

To all of you, This is my hello,your LifeTrekker is back =)

Same rules apply, comments are very much can subscribe or unsubscribe anytime and you can register your friends numbers as well.LifeTrekker Mobile is available for Globe and TM subscribers only. This is the beta version of LifeTrekker online

Let us LifeTrek together!=)

mike is mad

March 26, 2010

I was on my way to DENR yesterday for a meeting with some of the other agencies tasked to save the planet. Upon boarding the car, I found out with much regret that our trusty driver had tuned in to “Saksi Sa Dobol B’ a ridiculously loud Radio Talk show featuring, you guessed it, Mike Enriquez.

I have long disliked this person for his, how should i put it? Lame ass way of speaking? What is up with that Mister Mike? Ugh. Anyway, yesterday he went on this barrage about what had happened two days ago. First, the PUP students burning their armchairs and the UP students splashing paint on the face on one of the members of the Board of Regents. He was going on and ranting about how the students just go on strike and how pointless the whole exercise is and how the students should just go back to the classrooms and study. Clearly he doesn’t understand what the students are fighting for. But what really ticked me off was when he said: ‘Ang kakapal ng mga mukha nyong mga taga UP kayo, kami nagpapa aral sa inyo, ang sweldo namin lumiliit, nakakaltasan nga kami na wala kaming magawa para mapag aral lang kayo tapos wala kayong gagawin kundi magwelga at magsunog ng upuan, PAARAL KO KAYO, kaya nga kayo ISKOLAR nga Bayan!’ He went on and asked his co-anchor and said: ‘Nakadaan ka na ba sa may UP? Nakita mo na ba na napakadami nang kotseng nakapark dun? Yan ba? Yan ba ang pinapaaral natin na mga Iskolar ng Bayan?’



Get your facts straight and your tongue straightened out!! Una, PUP ung nagsunog ng Chairs, hindi UP!!  Duh! Ayusin mo ang pag aannounce mo!

Second, these students are fighting for the rest of the populace na nawawalan na ng boses! May mga kaklase ako sa UP nung college pa ako na pansit canton lang ang nakakain ng isang buong linggo gawa ng kahirapan. The imposition of new fees, like lab. fees and graduation fees as well as the issue about the non inclusion of the student regent in the Board of Regents meeting are the issues that they are fighting for. Do you even get that? Palibhasa, lasalista ka kasi, di mo alam kung ano pinaglalaban ng mga mahihirap na taga UP!

I condone the actions of these students because they reached a point where nobody listens to them anyway and in dire straights, they resorted to mob democracy, however uncouth it may seem to you green blooded upper crusts.

Fine, a portion of your GMA sweldo probably goes to funding the state university, that is IF hindi pa yun nakukurakot. You, of all people, ay SAKSI sa mga katiwalian dito sa gobyerno. The students got the attention that they are looking for because of what they did.  But whats next? Instead of shooting them down with your radio show, why don’t you try and find out for yourself what the reasons are for their rallying and picketing?

PINAG AARAL KO DIN SILA! NAGBABAYAD DIN AKO NG TAX! Susmaryosep. Kung makita mo lang kung san inaabot ang pera na pinagmamalaki mo na binibigay mo. BULOK ANG MGA KWARTO at BUILDINGS SA UP! Pumapasok ako dati nakapayong kasi tumutulo ang kisame ng rooms.

Yan ba ang pinagmamalaki mong pinapaaral mo? Ang mas aksaya, IKAW NA LASALISTA! I worked with you guys for a year, I have been to almost ALL of the campuses ng De La Salle. And I know the kinds of students you have. So dont start saying na nagugulat ka na madami ng may kotse sa UP Diliman, MAS MATAAS ang binabayad nila keysa sa iba, ang tawag dun STFAP! Iba iba kami ng bracket na binabayaran!