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being productive with veggie burgers

October 22, 2009

July 20 624 pm

I accomplished a lot today. At least more than the rest of all the other days combined. I was able to cook veggie burgers. And that’s an achievement because I have been wanting to repeat that recipe ever since I invented last month. I upgraded it a bit though and added corn ships, tortillas, pumpkin seeds and oatmeal bran for a more protein packed burger

I was also able to finish the book that mommy gave me yesterday. Financial literacy IS important
And I am glad to have read such a powerful book. The next tasks that I set upon myself include writing a book review about it.

1. I was also able to finish watching ‘fast and furious’ which I think is HORRIBLE TITLE considering this is the fourth installment in the franchise. Scriptwriters, what were you thinking?

Right now I am thinking of how to spruce up my dinner because I decided to stay in and save the 50 pesos for fare and who knows what else if I go out. I need to save and invest my money. Where? You ask
THAT is the question that I need to think about SOON. And of course I need to have a source of income so I would HAVE something to invest and hence have an exponential income. Bonds, mutual funds, the whole bit
. I need to understand it ASAP

Facebook helps. If yer the press releasing type. I know I am. I want the world to know what I am doing. Hopefully people care.

Thank you Lord for this Laptop. Please show me ways wherein I can use this to earn money so I can plan my retirement