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Taking care of business

May 12, 2014

I’ve been on hyper mode for about 5 days now. Just because I’ve taken to watching Suits, the syndicated TV series, from USA Network. And since I’m on my #34yearsofmeaning journey and my diatribe against all forms of my personal status quo (which will hence be referred to as PSQ), I guess Suits season 3 (yes i know I’m late) couldn’t have arrived at a much better time.

So lets have a quick rundown of the PSQ which I have come to realize, re-realize and take stock of, over and over again. (Pishtosh, I have a creative language award/ poetic license you turd)

1. I’m contented with what’s happening.
Sounds legit right? Because it is. But, frankly, the thought scares me. The thought that I am contented with WHAT IS, scares me because this time last year, I was on a bit of a high. Too much of a high actually that I changed my cover photo into one that shows a guy jumping off a cliff. Yes, that’s exactly how I felt and yes that’s how I roll, updating my facebook cover is the shiz.

2. Why be scared, to start with?
Difficulty typing a response to a rhetorical question is not the shiz. Im scared because I don’t have enough shiz to do the shiz when shiz happens. Did you see what I just did there? Which leads me my third point.

3. I want to be able to walk the talk and absorb all things NASDAQ, S&P5000 and DOW. While I try to conjecture with myself (and successfully convincing said self that I’m Harvey Specter sans the PSQ) I want to be MikeRoss at this whole point number 3 which is set to be staged immediately after #34yearsofmeaning and #searchforALtruism which is smack against each other.

4. Not necessarily against each other, as evidenced by Bo Sanchez’s best selling book which forewords: ‘Is not possible to have the wealth of a millionaire and the heart of a monk?’ YES, he says and ‘it’s going to be difficult’ because NOTHING OF GREAT ACHIEVEMENT COMES EASY.

Special thanks to #spotify for the kickass music and for the title of this post.


It’s there.

March 24, 2014

It’s there. In the back of your head. On your shoulder. Behind your eyes. Lurking in the corner of the room.
The voice that keeps you up at night.
The song hat you haven’t yet sung.
The story you have yet to tell.
The idea that refuses to die.

And it whispers: never,never stop.

Few hear it. Even fewer chase it.

What’s your white rabbit?


March 26, 2010

I’m still torn between Dick Gordon and Noynoy Aquino. I’ve been reading, re reading and evaluating. Don’t ask me for my reasons yet. I haven’t had a chance to figure em all out.

Earlier, I saw and ad that made me stop and think of Gibo, for a moment.

At this point thought, I am certain of one thing: I am NOT going to vote for Manny Villar. Okay, so tga UP sya, so? Two thoughts that I would like to develop regarding this but have no time to, include 1. I am having trouble with the coined term: Upian, acronym na lalagyan ng english prefix? Mas UP at mas gusto ko ang taga-UP!! 2. I would really like to go on an all out discussion on all things marketing. What works, what doesn’t, etc etc. but I have no time for it. Just yet. One of these days, I will.

When the opportune time comes, I will publish the list of candidates which I will be voting for. If you are one of those people who are too busy to sort things out, lemme do you a favor, copy my sample ballot. You could now rest in the assurance that the votes that you will be casting will be well thought of, according to me. I’m such a friend, aren’t I?=)

Why we hate fat ugly lesbians

March 26, 2010

Fat lesbians are the worst. They think they got it all figured out. They insult, harass and make condescending remarks like its second nature. Come to think of it, all the people we know who fall in this category are not necessarily lesbians but are probably on their way to becoming one. They are fat, boyfriendless ugly ladies who spite and make innuendoes to cover up for their insecurities that are bigger than their measly little pathetic lives. To all the  loser Dykes, in behalf of all the beer drinking guys, here’s a food for thought (shove it up your fat assess) LEAVE the insulting to em hot chicks that are sexy and sophisticated. When we drink, we don’t talk about you, we don’t obsess about you or make lewd remarks about you  because honestly, THERE’S NO MATERIAL!! We are sorry that you don’t have  boyfriends. This is because of these walls that you are so desperately trying hard to put up. Repeat after me: You are not fooling anyone with your act! Don’t insult guys because we don’t like you. We are programmed to like sexy lesbians. Sexy Lesbians are HOT. THEY ARE. I could show you videos. You, however, are not! No, sorry.  It would take A LOT of beer and intoxication BEFORE we consider you in our, wait for it, wait for it, Liquid dreams.

Now if by some odd circumstance you found yourselves recipients of millions of dollars worth of plastic surgery Gift Certificates AND you get to get it on with someone as hot as, say, Sora Aoi, THEN fine, go ahead, insult our beer bellies because by then, you would have gotten our attention (I could elucidate how but this is my PG blog) BUT UNTIL THEN? Keep your ugly ass opinions to, well, your ugly assess.

October 22, 2009

written wed sep2 12:04am

Its bound to be an interesting next week ill bet because of the sudden stir up and goings on in the liberal party, partly because of mar roxas’s seemingly selfless pronouncement on ‘stepping aside’ for the greater good of the filipino people. I still haven’t forgiven him for that ridiculously-ridiculous, horribly-corny pedicab ad. While it is very obvious that this is yet another ‘well placed campaign for media mileage,’ I am not that hard pressed to judge this Big announcement.

Does Noynoy have what it takes?

let’s see

waiting in line for food

July 31, 2009

one of my brods commented this one time that we shouldnt wait in line for our food. he said ‘it’s just wrong’

i forgot the reason, cause and discussion that ensued after that but i was reminded of it minutes ago while i was still standing in a long queu for my burger.

yes, this is my second post about McDonalds and their burger but unlike the previous post, i didnt really plan on partaking of their burger for lunchy today. i just wanted a quick fix, nothing fancy, something i could just grab and go so i would have time to log on to multiply today (i was really busy earlier and the GM’ers were really distracting)

so off  i went and decided on a fastfood chain, realizing that it would be too taxing to slurp on my favorite sinigang here in my affice workspace. Pizza Hut is full, so that’s out and besides that’s more of a sitdown place with friends. KFC Vito Cruz is packed so its out, but its really very nice with the chic interior decor and lighting. So Mcdonald’s was next.

sauntering over, 7 lines filled the store. 7 ridiculously long lines
inspite of myself, i plunged in, and hence
‘waiting in the line for food’

i decided on a chicken but after a second, realized theirs is too gummy, i’d prefer chicken joy, then i saw the cheesecake, which i figured, would be good, since its been a while, and i could use the sugar rush. but then i realized, i just downed a whole long pack of double stuffed oreos. sugar was not my priority.

4 people down the line, i decided on the burger which was, i thought, the obvious choice because i had wanted a grab and go meal. but then Little Miss Greeny on the counter seemed to be ordering for the whole store; it was taking her such a long time to get all her orders and my tiger looks aimed towards her didnt seem to matter. Ugh. So instead, i gazed upon the plethora of carbo-loaded, greased up, cholesterolliffic goodies. And realized again, that this diet is really adding to my bodily belt bag budget (and i have seen Supersize me!)

Thats when i saw the ‘must try/ new’ red lettered on yellow explosion logo beside ‘double cheeseburger deluxe’ and i said to myself: after this long wait? I DESERVE A DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER DELUXE’

see? marketing people! its all about marketing! and me, knowing fully well of this ‘make people wait long lines, assailing their nostrils with every aroma we can bludgeon, making people hungry by visual stimulation, I KNOW THIS! PINAG ARALAN KO ITO SA mmgt102!! hrrr.

‘May i have your order Sir?’

double cheeseburger deluxe to go please

large fries?


large drink

NO. AHA!! i caught myself in time you-friggin-little-fattener-of-people-you!

would you like to upgrade it to a float sir?


Yes please

and one apple pie nadin