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Changing the landscapes of emotions

March 27, 2014

A friend of mine died last week. He was 33, newly married to one outstanding intellectual that knows what she wants, and in her own words, disregards everything else. It’s not that she doesn’t care, it’s just how she is. I used to hang out with both of them a great deal back in high school and college. Maroon bloods, we were called. We used to share a fond affinity for all things nice and fun and back then, days were spent lounging in pools, eating out and partying, in between the school work that we had to do. And we were good at what we do, half of us were advanced Math students and half of us were advanced English students. And during that time wherein the world was still free of excessive narcissistic self promotion via social media, we knew we mattered.

After college, we kinda grew apart, with the different fields that we found ourselves in. Months morphed into years and milestones, like weddings are the only times we get to be reunited. I found out that my guy friend was one of those gaming guys who made online games and is being paid handsomely for it. Come to think of it, I don’t know if he made the games or tested the games or did whatever with the games. All I know is that he’s good at what he does and he became a senior manager for playing computer games. Knowing how he’s wired? This is his dream job. Or was.

My lady friend, in the meantime, is one of those PR lady bosses who smokes up a cloud of wit and breathes fiery words to newbie copywriters. She’s well read, well travelled and certainly knows her stuff. Although they seem to be very different, they are perfect for each other.

They had a sweet wedding ceremony with all the works last 11-12-13 and those who attended (I was stuck with a client meeting) cooed and blurbed about how awesome the wedding turned out to be. It was their brand of loving that made it all the more unique.

And then he died.

Pretty much like the wifey, I don’t handle emotions all too well, having gone through hell and back with my own brand of MMK. So this, thing, death, moving on, ascending, passing, whatever this is. I don’t want to accept just yet. Not that my opinion matters, but Universe, I’m talking to you. I see what you did there!

This whole sordid affair is laying waste to how I handle my emotions. But I’m not the main character here. Im just on the sidelines witnessing how once bright futures of two my very good friends fizzled out. Just like that.

Sadness doesn’t even begin to cover what we’re feeling.