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cerebrus interruptus

June 21, 2010

Admit it.admit it. I break your trail of thought =)

Hi network. I’m back.
Yeah,I admit, I might’ve started one of my past microblogs using the same phraseology.thats allowed to repeat myself =)

I was inspired by one of the many things i read online earlier today,the blog was written by a friend of mine and the point of his treatise was finding someone who could be with him when he’s lonely.Not that way you perv,but more of having someone to talk with.Yep,he’s intent on finding a GF. For our purpose,and to be totally crude about it,lets refer to it as ‘finding a mate’

But im not goin to talk about that,what i wanted to talk to you about is how You as an individual can do stuff so you wont have to feel too down when you dont have a ‘relevant other’

Thinkin about it, i don’t have any tips on hand to address those kinds of thoughts either. What i am confident of is i Will be able to churn out stuff for you and I to think about after a long days worth of work or study or play or whatever it is you do.

I,alfred labadan,your marketingman friend,do solemnly promise to interrupt your thoughts,and to go all Disney about it: ‘in the most delightful way’=)

How’s that eh?
For the students,it’s now june,time for you to start workin on gettin that degree again, i for one am excited because i too am starting classes next week.

For the working stiffs,businessmen and parents,hello. It’s another day for you and me to earn and inspire and make good with what we have achieved thus far.

To all of you, This is my hello,your LifeTrekker is back =)

Same rules apply, comments are very much can subscribe or unsubscribe anytime and you can register your friends numbers as well.LifeTrekker Mobile is available for Globe and TM subscribers only. This is the beta version of LifeTrekker online

Let us LifeTrek together!=)


my love-hate relationship

February 22, 2010

I have a love-hate relationship with my fats. Uhuh. You read it right, fats. Layers upon layers of my resplendently healthy fats lining my luurve handles. Chicks dig this. True Story. Hehehe.

Earlier, I was looking at my closet trying hardest what to wear,seeing that my options are somewhat limited.Given my most recent shopping trip, I am well stocked BUT the thing is, I was morosely looking at a pile of shirts that I have long given up on. I think it was 2005 when I was the thinnest. I was examining a shirt and laughed at the sheer mockery of its size. EXTRA SMALL?!? Looking at it now, I doubt if it’ll even fit my neck, which btw, has gained another extra layer of supple chin. My chin reserves the right to jiggle upon raucous laughter.

So, ten minutes to 8am, I was still debating on what to wear and just opted for my recently acquired extra, extra large shirt.EXTRA LARGE?!? jeez.

Two Saturdays ago,I saw one of my older friends at IC’s who playfully called me ‘Jojo!’ (For the uninitiated, Jojo is my older brother, who has the likings of Jabba the Hutt, hehehe, peace bro!) Who,me, Jojo?Jeez.

Last night, I was heaving as I made the rounds in UPLB with a drinking bud as he went on ranting about the sordid affairs of his life. We walked the ‘campus-walk’ route or something close to it because I was freaking heaving ten minutes into it. Jeez. This was, in no part, due to the greasy burger, fries and coke that I downed for dinner.

Fat is the new thin. I have had the chance to become really thin and I have had the chance to become really huge. But, unlike the rest of the populace, I don’t particularly have any deep emotional response to being thick or thin, I just roll with it. And so should you.

Well whaddaya know? It’s already 10am, snacks anyone? =)