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mike is mad

March 26, 2010

I was on my way to DENR yesterday for a meeting with some of the other agencies tasked to save the planet. Upon boarding the car, I found out with much regret that our trusty driver had tuned in to “Saksi Sa Dobol B’ a ridiculously loud Radio Talk show featuring, you guessed it, Mike Enriquez.

I have long disliked this person for his, how should i put it? Lame ass way of speaking? What is up with that Mister Mike? Ugh. Anyway, yesterday he went on this barrage about what had happened two days ago. First, the PUP students burning their armchairs and the UP students splashing paint on the face on one of the members of the Board of Regents. He was going on and ranting about how the students just go on strike and how pointless the whole exercise is and how the students should just go back to the classrooms and study. Clearly he doesn’t understand what the students are fighting for. But what really ticked me off was when he said: ‘Ang kakapal ng mga mukha nyong mga taga UP kayo, kami nagpapa aral sa inyo, ang sweldo namin lumiliit, nakakaltasan nga kami na wala kaming magawa para mapag aral lang kayo tapos wala kayong gagawin kundi magwelga at magsunog ng upuan, PAARAL KO KAYO, kaya nga kayo ISKOLAR nga Bayan!’ He went on and asked his co-anchor and said: ‘Nakadaan ka na ba sa may UP? Nakita mo na ba na napakadami nang kotseng nakapark dun? Yan ba? Yan ba ang pinapaaral natin na mga Iskolar ng Bayan?’



Get your facts straight and your tongue straightened out!! Una, PUP ung nagsunog ng Chairs, hindi UP!!  Duh! Ayusin mo ang pag aannounce mo!

Second, these students are fighting for the rest of the populace na nawawalan na ng boses! May mga kaklase ako sa UP nung college pa ako na pansit canton lang ang nakakain ng isang buong linggo gawa ng kahirapan. The imposition of new fees, like lab. fees and graduation fees as well as the issue about the non inclusion of the student regent in the Board of Regents meeting are the issues that they are fighting for. Do you even get that? Palibhasa, lasalista ka kasi, di mo alam kung ano pinaglalaban ng mga mahihirap na taga UP!

I condone the actions of these students because they reached a point where nobody listens to them anyway and in dire straights, they resorted to mob democracy, however uncouth it may seem to you green blooded upper crusts.

Fine, a portion of your GMA sweldo probably goes to funding the state university, that is IF hindi pa yun nakukurakot. You, of all people, ay SAKSI sa mga katiwalian dito sa gobyerno. The students got the attention that they are looking for because of what they did.  But whats next? Instead of shooting them down with your radio show, why don’t you try and find out for yourself what the reasons are for their rallying and picketing?

PINAG AARAL KO DIN SILA! NAGBABAYAD DIN AKO NG TAX! Susmaryosep. Kung makita mo lang kung san inaabot ang pera na pinagmamalaki mo na binibigay mo. BULOK ANG MGA KWARTO at BUILDINGS SA UP! Pumapasok ako dati nakapayong kasi tumutulo ang kisame ng rooms.

Yan ba ang pinagmamalaki mong pinapaaral mo? Ang mas aksaya, IKAW NA LASALISTA! I worked with you guys for a year, I have been to almost ALL of the campuses ng De La Salle. And I know the kinds of students you have. So dont start saying na nagugulat ka na madami ng may kotse sa UP Diliman, MAS MATAAS ang binabayad nila keysa sa iba, ang tawag dun STFAP! Iba iba kami ng bracket na binabayaran!



Why we hate fat ugly lesbians

March 26, 2010

Fat lesbians are the worst. They think they got it all figured out. They insult, harass and make condescending remarks like its second nature. Come to think of it, all the people we know who fall in this category are not necessarily lesbians but are probably on their way to becoming one. They are fat, boyfriendless ugly ladies who spite and make innuendoes to cover up for their insecurities that are bigger than their measly little pathetic lives. To all the  loser Dykes, in behalf of all the beer drinking guys, here’s a food for thought (shove it up your fat assess) LEAVE the insulting to em hot chicks that are sexy and sophisticated. When we drink, we don’t talk about you, we don’t obsess about you or make lewd remarks about you  because honestly, THERE’S NO MATERIAL!! We are sorry that you don’t have  boyfriends. This is because of these walls that you are so desperately trying hard to put up. Repeat after me: You are not fooling anyone with your act! Don’t insult guys because we don’t like you. We are programmed to like sexy lesbians. Sexy Lesbians are HOT. THEY ARE. I could show you videos. You, however, are not! No, sorry.  It would take A LOT of beer and intoxication BEFORE we consider you in our, wait for it, wait for it, Liquid dreams.

Now if by some odd circumstance you found yourselves recipients of millions of dollars worth of plastic surgery Gift Certificates AND you get to get it on with someone as hot as, say, Sora Aoi, THEN fine, go ahead, insult our beer bellies because by then, you would have gotten our attention (I could elucidate how but this is my PG blog) BUT UNTIL THEN? Keep your ugly ass opinions to, well, your ugly assess.

say what you need to say

March 1, 2010

I’ve always been wordy. Yes, it’s a coined term. Deal with it.

I firmly believe that there are situations when there is a call for wordiness and that some concepts are better expressed through paragraphs. I am all for being concise but not at the expense of the message I am trying to deliver.

Speaking of messages being delivered, I want to deliver one, straight to the face of this weirdo. I want to pack a straight fist wallop on his ‘pretending to stare into space’ look.

You are not fooling anyone buddy. You are a friggin’ loser with no life. And you staring? It’s not working for me. I’m holding on to my temper because I happen to like what I am doing but if I catch you one more time staring I am going to introduce you to one hell of a knuckle sandwich. You got that? Stupid pretensive faggot.

Say what you need to say. Don’t. Fuckin. Stare.

Here I am. Wordy. Concise and freaked out.

DEAL with it