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Slide transitions

June 22, 2012

1)A mayfly shares my light. I call it like so because they usually come out in May of every year. But it’s June now and they are still here. Perhaps, like me, they stick around. Looking at the light, hoping to make sense of the darkness that envelopes us.

2)Code more. That’s what the top of my key pad says. It says b then I then link then quote then del then ul then ol then Li then code then more. I am using the WordPress app on my pad. And while I have a faint idea as to what these buttons do I just don’t want to think about it now. Try saying that: ‘I don’t want to think about it now’
I see a lot of potential in that statement. A lot of power. To be able to say that regularly means you have achieved some sort of authority or knack or clout to be able to pull it off. But right now, it’s just for you and me. And in this tiny space we are sharing which we call ‘now’

3)What’s good about transitions is that it conditions your mind to expect something new while simultaneously closing the slide just past. And it’s an effective tool both to break your reverie and connect the slides to each other. Don’t you sometimes wish that we have those fun transitions?
Life is serious enough as it is. I think we all deserve a break. A transition. Something that would slide smoothly.

4) I don’t feel too good about myself now.

I don’t want to explain it.
It’s just the way I’m feeling.