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Taking care of business

May 12, 2014

I’ve been on hyper mode for about 5 days now. Just because I’ve taken to watching Suits, the syndicated TV series, from USA Network. And since I’m on my #34yearsofmeaning journey and my diatribe against all forms of my personal status quo (which will hence be referred to as PSQ), I guess Suits season 3 (yes i know I’m late) couldn’t have arrived at a much better time.

So lets have a quick rundown of the PSQ which I have come to realize, re-realize and take stock of, over and over again. (Pishtosh, I have a creative language award/ poetic license you turd)

1. I’m contented with what’s happening.
Sounds legit right? Because it is. But, frankly, the thought scares me. The thought that I am contented with WHAT IS, scares me because this time last year, I was on a bit of a high. Too much of a high actually that I changed my cover photo into one that shows a guy jumping off a cliff. Yes, that’s exactly how I felt and yes that’s how I roll, updating my facebook cover is the shiz.

2. Why be scared, to start with?
Difficulty typing a response to a rhetorical question is not the shiz. Im scared because I don’t have enough shiz to do the shiz when shiz happens. Did you see what I just did there? Which leads me my third point.

3. I want to be able to walk the talk and absorb all things NASDAQ, S&P5000 and DOW. While I try to conjecture with myself (and successfully convincing said self that I’m Harvey Specter sans the PSQ) I want to be MikeRoss at this whole point number 3 which is set to be staged immediately after #34yearsofmeaning and #searchforALtruism which is smack against each other.

4. Not necessarily against each other, as evidenced by Bo Sanchez’s best selling book which forewords: ‘Is not possible to have the wealth of a millionaire and the heart of a monk?’ YES, he says and ‘it’s going to be difficult’ because NOTHING OF GREAT ACHIEVEMENT COMES EASY.

Special thanks to #spotify for the kickass music and for the title of this post.



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